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Welcome to KDI Photography

We get it. You’re busy. Life is going a million miles an hour and there never seems to be enough time for the things that matter most. Time to be together as a family. Soak it up. Sit back and truly know what a beautiful life this is. It’s precious.

We’re a mother and father with two kids of our own. We see how time is speeding by and sometimes wish we could just slow it down. Pause. Savor this moment.

Let us help you do that.

"Kristen has been photographing our family for 20 years & we are so thankful for her beautiful documentation over time. She always makes the shoot fun and playful!" M. Armstrong
"I will always come back to Kristen, her work and passion produce the most amazing pictures." Elena L.
"Kristen connected with our teenage girls in such a genuine manner; the process was just as special as the pictures we gained - a forever family memory. Our photos are amongst the most treasured possessions in our home." A. Brooks
"Kristen is an amazing, thoughtful, funny person who simply makes people forget that they are being photographed." Caroline P.
“Wow, Kristen, I'm just so overwhelmed - you've captured my kids so beautifully. You saw exactly why I think they're the
most beautiful people in the world, and put them on images I'll have forever.
Just amazing.”
Jill Z.
"An amazing photographer, especially with children! The first time I saw her portraits, I literally cried." P. Beach
" It's amazing what one image can express." R. Germansen
"Kristen is the absolute best! I'm usually uncomfortable getting my picture taken and she made me feel at ease. She has taken pictures of my parents, my wife, and my sons and no one can capture what I love about them like she can. Thanks Kristen!" N. Koshuta
"These portraits with my grandson are precious to me." S. Caskey