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BLE – Family Portraits in Sedona, AZ

I first photographed Annette when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, who is now in middle school. I remember her reporting that her husband Nate loved a portrait of her laughing hard, holding her round belly. When I finally met him, I saw that humor was so much a part of who he was. If you live in Flagstaff, you undoubtedly know that Nate passed away in 2012 in an accident, leaving behind a huge hole in our community. Over the years that I knew him, he expertly modeled four things for me:
1. Make sure that the people you love, know it.
2. Be comfortable in your own skin.
3. Bring humor with you wherever you go.
4. Help when you can.
His family is amazing and they’ve let his life and remarkable style be a reminder to all of us to make it the Best Life Ever. BLE. Each of these 4 unique beautiful souls are so dear to me. They always make me laugh hard when we’re together and this session in Oak Creek was no different. All of them have the family humor, strength and kindness. I hope you can get a sense of that in these portraits.



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