"It was like jumping onto a moving freight train.” Flagstaff Portraits - CEO PortraitWhile were making some fresh professional portraits, I’d asked Pam about becoming the new owner of the popular aromatherapy products store, Body Bliss in Cottonwood, AZ. She was scrambling to get up to speed to stay on top of all the amazing growth in her business. Instead of the usual synthetic yuckiness, Body Bliss products are made with natural and sustainable botanical raw materials and can be found at some of the finest spas around the country. The company was originated by a botanist and a massage therapist, looking to create healthier supplies for massage therapists to use day in and day out.  It's a product line that is near and dear to Pam's heart and she loves her fun, demanding job.

FlagstaffPortraits-BodyBlissCEOBeyond what I originally thought of as aromatherapy products (like essential oils), Body Bliss offers a huge variety of delicious sounding goodies like "I RENEW Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Foot Soak”, "Chai Spice & Vanilla Virgin Coconut Body Polish”, and "Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine Cleansing Cream.” I get hungry just reading their titles! Personally, I'm in love with the Organic Lavender & Vetiver Body Lotion and am kind of wondering how I lived without it all these years! You can purchase online, so go get something yummy for yourself or a lucky loved one: Body Bliss website


Kristen Dacey Iwai of KDI Photography is a full-time professional portrait photographer based in Flagstaff, Arizona with more than 2 decades of experience. Making portraits of families, pregnancy, newborns, babies, children, high school seniors and for businesses in her downtown studio and on location, she serves clients from Flagstaff, Sedona, Tuba City, Winslow, Payson, Page, Williams, Prescott, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona. Please visit KDI Photography's website.

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KDI Photography is holding a raffle to support a family whose 31/2 year-old daughter is going through cancer treatment. We're offering a free studio portrait session for up to 5 people with a $99 print credit to one winner. Buy one or more raffle tickets and you will be helping to provide financial support to their family as they travel to Phoenix for chemotherapy treatments. One raffle ticket for $20 or 6 tickets for $100.  Raffle drawing will be November 21st.

We are excited to offer some support to this amazing family so thanks in advance!

Kristen or Keiji Iwai at (928) 779-4151 or studio@kdiphotography.com
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• Not interested in winning a portrait session with KDI Photography but still want to help? Please feel free to contribute to another fundraiser, a GoFundMe campaign that was set up by Maslar family friends.


I made this portrait a couple of years ago and I just love seeing how North Country HealthCare designs around my pictures. This wonderful mama has three kids now! North Country HealthCare Tax Credit

If you know Brewer, you probably know that earlier this year, she was diagnosed with a softball sized tumor on her kidney. It was just a few days before she turned one. When I met Jeff and Sunshine, they were looking at their tiny daughter possibly having cancer. They couldn't get treatment right way because of some complications, including that Brewer had RSV. However, when her surgery finally happened in early March, they removed what was found to be a benign "cystic nephroma" and determined that no further treatment (chemo or radiation) would be required.

You'd never know what she's been going though because she seems to be her happy bright self again, laughing and walking and being amazing. Brewer still needs to return to Phoenix for regular ultrasounds to make sure she remains healthy, so please keep her in your good thoughts!CoffmanBalmat15_025002CoffmanBalmat15_004N 003CoffmanBalmat15_012004CoffmanBalmat15_030005CoffmanBalmat15_016   008CoffmanBalmat15_011BWWe made these portraits on Jeff and Sunshine's wedding anniversary, which made it even more special.007CoffmanBalmat15_019 009CoffmanBalmat15Front


I headed to photograph my first Stroller Strides Flagstaff class not knowing what to expect. I guess I pictured a handful of moms running behind jogger strollers with easy-going babies snuggled patiently inside. It sounded like something I wouldn’t have been able to manage when my kids were at their very squirmiest. I could imagine them wriggling out of the stroller out of boredom before I was able to get my heaving lungs to push it halfway around the track. I arrived at Buffalo Park and happily had that expectation turned on its head.

Beth Sabol is a wonderfully talented trainer and teacher. She is both peer and cheerleader for her classes of strong and committed women. She brings her own young children with her so she walks the walk (jogs the jog?) as she spurs on the other moms. I was impressed with the variety of exercises she came up with, a majority of them designed to not only strengthen mom but to simultaneously entertain child – something I had never seen done so effectively before. The kids were fascinated watching the group of mothers stretch and lunge in front of them. Just as they got wiggly, they were off to run to the next stop. Never a dull moment. Well, almost. At one point, when the kids did, one by one, all start to make their impatience known, those determined mamas finished the reps they were working on, laughing at the growing momentary cacophony. The kids didn't have to wait long for the fun to get going again. After the class, there was time to chat, share information and play.

I loved witnessing the camaraderie and mutual support, happy moms getting stronger and healthier, and the minor miracle of enthralled kids, along for the ride.

To see additional images from this shoot or to learn more about Stroller Strides, visit the Stroller Strides Flagstaff website.